Writing Self #3——”Get Out of the Water”


It was a summer night in the countryside, stars shined like diamonds on the navy blue sky. I was walking around the park with my grandparents. I could feel the cool breeze gently passed by my face. Walking along with the lights on the side of the road, we arrived at this park, which was built recently. That was my first time went to this new park, I was excited.

We went inside. My grandpa saw his friends and he went to talk to them. I looked around the park, I saw so many people gathered on the left side of the park. Grandma and I went towards there. As we got closer, a big giant thing caught my eyes: a fountain! But the water was not shooting out. The fountain pool was long and large, a lot of kids gathered around it. They stepped in the pool and played the water; some boys even swam in the pool. I saw the water only went up to their knees, it was not deep. My grandma asked me if I want to play in the pool. I was scared of this fountain would suddenly shot out water, but at the same time, I also wanted to play with water. I said yes to my grandma and stepped in the water. The water was not that cool or warm at a summer evening.

I asked my grandma if I can swim in the pool. She said yes, then she started talking with other grannies. I was happy and I sank my whole body in the pool, including my head. A few seconds after, I stood up from the water. I wiped my eyes and I saw a woman was looking at me. She was surprised and yelled to the crowd loudly: “Who’s girl is that?” She looked at me and said: “You are all wet, get out of the water quickly!” I was confused, I did not know what was going on. Suddenly, a boy came in front of me. I assumed he was the son of that woman because nobody else looked at me except her and the boy. He said: “Can you understand Chinese? Where are you from?” I felt awkward to answer this question. I opened my mouth but did not know what to say. That woman pointed at me and talked to another person. She successfully made more people notice me, a girl with soggy clothes and hair standing in the pool. I felt ashamed and quickly ran away. When I was on the way home, I did not tell grandparents what happened to me. I kept thinking about that moment when the woman pointed me out. Did I do something wrong? Why could other boys swim in the pool but not me?

It was my deepest impression of being treated differently because of my gender. I understand the world more as I grow up. Now, I realize the woman wanted me to behave what she thought a girl should behave like because she mentioned a “girl” instead of a “kid”. I do not think there’s any wrong for a girl to jump in the pool as other boys do. We are all human beings, it is quite unfair for a person to have the restriction but not others. 

5 thoughts on “Writing Self #3——”Get Out of the Water”

  1. Hi

    I really loved the imagery that you throughout the story, but particularly at the very begging; I felt like I could see the sky. It really bothers me that in society, females are supposed to look and act a specific way; yet males can act almost however they want and it’s usually brushed off with expressions such as, “boys will be boys.” Your story could easily tie in with expression.

    I remember when I was pretty young, my cousin cut her hair pretty short. My grandma in particular was very upset about this and kept making comments about how my cousin, “cut off all her beautiful hair” or how she, “looked like a little boy.” Girls seem to be expected to have long hair, and if they don’t people can be very judgmental, yet it is becoming more and more normal for boys to have longer hair and no one is phased by it.

    Stereotypes like this should be broken, people should be able to dress and act however they want, especially as children. At such a young age, when you see a bunch of kids playing and having fun, you should not be left out simple because you are a girl. Wanting to play with other children and participate with what they’re doing shouldn’t be viewed as “incorrect behaviour.”


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