Self Story #4-Socioeconomic Status


My younger cousin and I were enjoying a nice and long winter break at our grandparents’ house. One day, after having a delicious supper, grandma went to the storage room. She came out with a bag of corn flavour candies. She gave my cousin some candies. My cousin happily received them. I got some candies too. My cousin had an unpleasant face when he saw grandma gave me the candies. He looked at me and said: “These are my candies, my mum bought them.” These candies were from my aunt, my cousin’s mum. I felt guilty of taking the candies from my younger cousin, especially his mum prepared these candies for him. I was considering should I give candies back to my cousin or just keep them. He cried suddenly. Grandma comforted him by giving him more candies. My cousin got more candies and he stopped crying.

The next day, my grandparents went to sleep after having lunch. My cousin and I were still energetic. We were playing in the living-room. He looked at me with scornful face and said: “I am richer than you. Who are you?” At that moment, I was very angry because I was not respected by him. I was about to say something mean to him, but I ended up replied him calmly: “We are humans, we are equal.” Right after I said it, my cousin opened his eyes widely, I assumed that he was surprised by my sentences because I always kept silence with his immoderate behaviours. He could not think of a sentence to fight back my statement. He went out of the living room without saying a word. Since then, he did not say aggressive sentences to me anymore.

After that day, a lot of things popped up in my mind. I did not do anything wrong, but why did my cousin look down on me because of my socioeconomic state? Also, when I was at elementary school, I saw my classmates would like to make friends with richer people. And sometimes richer people had privilege on sociality compare with poor people. I would be considered as the “poor side” by my classmates because my family did not have extra money to purchase snacks or brand new toys for me. I did not feel confident during that time. Due to my inferiority and poverty, I did not make many friends in elementary school.

It took me a long time to walk out of this unfair treatment towards my socioeconomic status. As I learned more in the world, I realized that not every people look down on poor, especially highly educated people. Because of it, I learned that it is important to be educated because money comes and goes, but knowledge stays with me forever. I am thankful to my family, they tried their best to set up a shelter for me and I had a healthy body.

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