Reading Response 1


In the article, Kumashiro mentioned that “common sense does not tell us that this is what school could be doing; it tells us that this and only this is what schools should be doing” (page35). Kumashiro defines common sense as the actions or thoughts which people should do or think of at a certain situation. When the author was teaching in Nepal, the local students told that boys and girls should sit separately in the classroom, hitting the misbehaved students is seen as the strategy to control the classroom, the class lessons should be taught with the textbook only. Different than Nepal, the United States has different common sense in the educational classroom. Kumashiro said in the article that students usually grouped by ages, genders, and some by abilities; teaching should include more than lectures, rote memorization, textbooks, and tests.

Common sense is not absolutely a good thing or bad thing, we need to jump out of the routine to consider whether such common sense is suitable for individual or not. The author mentions that “it has become normal for us to experience oppression without realizing that we are doing so” and “oppression is marked by or couched in concepts that make us think that this is the way things are supposed to be”(36). These are the danger of not paying attention to common sense, such as the Nepalese students had always learned from textbooks without other learning resources. It is not an efficient way of learning; they could have been taught in a more efficient way. What we are supposed to do under certain situation does not suitable for everyone. We are able to make a slight adjustment on common sense and provide our students with a better learning experience.

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