ECS210 Assignment #1 Topic Sex Education and Curriculum

For my critical reading assignment, I chose to do research on sex education and the curriculum. Sex education seems like a taboo topic in the schools (primary, middle and secondary schools), many teachers and students usually avoid talking about sex in the classroom discussions. If sex education is not taught to the students, then students can only get the information from the internet or from their family and friends. Sometimes the information they get from the outside might not be totally correct, this information will influence students’ attitudes towards sex (positive, neutral or negative).   

The primary article I selected is, Homophobia and heterosexism in a college of education: a culture of fear, a culture of silence. This is a researchbased article, the authors Corrine Wickens and Jennifer Sandlin did a research of how the hetero/homosexual binary is organized in everyday living in a heteronormative university. They found out that even though the university have done many activities of LGBTQ, the gay students in the campus still feel not welcoming. The article starts with talking about three cases of homophobia: a seven-year-old boy was disciplined by his teacher for using the word ‘gay’ at school, 15-year-old junior high school student Lawrence King was shot by his classmate because he self-claimed that he is a gay, and the gay students in Southwest University did not feel welcome. These three cases took places in elementary school, middle school and university respectively. These examples demonstrated that the teachers, the students and the schools were not educated with Sex Education very well. I cannot imagine that back in 2010, the students in the university were still invoke gender binary. Heterosexuality is seen as the “normal” sexual orientation in our society, any sexual orientations other than heterosexuality would be considered as abnormal.  

My next step is to find another two articles, which I can write the difference and similarities between these two and my primary article. I want to compare the sex education in 2010 and the sex education in these recent years. I want to know if we have improvement on sex education or not.  If so, how well did we do? If not, what will our next step be?


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