Final Project: ECS110 Learning Journey

Hello everyone, this is the video of my ECS110 final project. Thanks for watching! Work Cited Sensoy, O., & DiAngelo, R. (2012). Is Everyone Really Equal?: An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education. New York, United States of America: Teachers College Press. Hildebrandt, Katia. “ECS110 Fall 2018 September 26.” YouTube, YouTube, 26 … Continue reading Final Project: ECS110 Learning Journey

Looking For Normative Narrative

i) “Our socialization shapes our below-the-surface ideas about groups of people. These ideas are the result of myriad institutional forces. Among the most powerful forces are media and popular culture” (DiAngelo & Sensoy, pg 79). Nowadays, some social media influence us that a certain gender (either male or female) should align with the appropriate gender characteristic … Continue reading Looking For Normative Narrative